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To share the love and blessing of God with all.

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Who are the Brethren?

The Church of the Brethren is a Christian denomination that began in Germany in 1708 and came to America in 1719. It is in the Anabaptist-Pietist tradition of faith, one that emphasizes service, community, peacemaking, and “continuing the work of Jesus.” The first congregation was established in Germantown, Pennsylvania (now part of Philadelphia). Today the denomination numbers over 110,000 members across the U.S., and through mission work has established churches in the Caribbean, Latin America, India and Africa.

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The Church of the Brethren strives to follow the teachings and example of Jesus in all things, looking to Scripture and the gathered community for guidance. Brethren believe that the church is a vital resource for our spiritual journey, and helps us to live out our Christian faith and commitment in daily life.

Notably, the Church of the Brethren has been a witness and worker for peace and reconciliation in many times and places of conflict. We are often among the first to respond with relief aid and assistance in times of emergency and disaster, and we send volunteers around the world through Brethren Volunteer Service. We work to take good care of God’s creation and to “live more simply so that others may simply live.”

The Easton Church of the Brethren, first organized in 1881, and now numbering about 160 members, offers you the companionship and support of a caring and committed church family. It features inspirational worship, a robust music program, regular fellowship events, a welcoming environment, caring people, and a variety of community connections. We invite you to join with us in following Jesus: peacefully, simply, together. 


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